Trump on Iran nuclear deal: “One of the worst deals I’ve ever seen”

After renewing relief of sanctions against Iran, US President Donald Trump slammed the nuclear deal but didn’t clarify whether the US intends to cancel the deal.
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Yesterday (Thursday), US President Donald Trump criticized the Iran nuclear deal, despite renewing sanction relief for the country. “We are not going to stand for what they are doing to this country,” Trump told reporters shortly after departing from Florida. “They have violated so many different elements.”

Trump didn’t clarify whether the US will cancel the deal and concluded: “You will see what we’ll be doing in October.” Next month, Trump must decide if Iran has broken the deal.

Iranian missile launch, archive Photo credit: Channel 2 News

As reported earlier this week by JOL, US President Donald Trump is considering a more aggressive strategy toward Iran and its proxy forces in Syria and Iraq. Senior-level US officials stated that the purpose of the new strategy is to pressure Tehran to put an end to its ballistic missile program.

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