Watch: United Airlines forcefully removes passenger from overbooked flight

Despite the footage of a passenger being forcefully removed from his seat due to an overbooked flight, United Airlines has yet to issue an apology to the man.
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The filmed removal of a passenger from a United Airlines flight has stirred up a global storm. In the footage, the man, injured and slightly bleeding, is seen being dragged on his back by security guards.

One of the security personnel was suspended and the airline's feeble reaction did not succeed in calming the situation. An online protest, calling for the boycott of the company following the aggressive conduct and excessive use of force, has begun. The company stressed that the passenger was not beaten but simply hit his head on the armrest of one of the seats on the flight.

Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The footage shows the man objecting and even yelling while the guards pull him from his seat. A witness stated that the man told the crew that he was a doctor on a medical mission and therefore needs to remain on the flight. Other passengers said that they felt scared and disgusted following the incident.

The official reason for the removal was “over-booking.” The airline registered more passengers on a flight than the number of seats and asked several passengers to voluntarily de-board to make space for the crew members. Surprisingly, United Airlines hasn’t apologized. “I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers,” CEO Oscar Munoz wrote, receiving angry reactions for his wording.

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