White House closed off as Secret Service searched the premises

Visitors and personnel were evacuated from the White House as the Secret Service swept through the compound.
White House under lockdown, archive Photo credit: UpstateNYer/ Channel 2 News

The US Secret Service is investigating a suspicious object that was found near the White House compound, NBC reported. All roads leading to the White House have been blocked off; all visitors and media personnel were evacuated. The northern and southern lawns of the compound were also evacuated.

Journalist Andrew Feinberg, who covers the White House, tweeted on Twitter: "White House on lockdown at 10:25am for a 'suspicious package' per Secret Service Uniformed Division officer." Reporters and journalists on the scene were taken to the briefing room while the building was being inspected by Secret Service personnel.

The incident comes about three weeks after an unknown person successfully infiltrated the White House and walked around the compound freely for more than 15 minutes until he was caught by the Secret Service.

The man, who lives in California, was carrying pepper spray into the secure area of ​​the White House but according to the Secret Service, he did not enter the presidential building itself. That being said, the Secret Service staff refrained from explaining why they were delayed in catching the man or how it was that the alarms were not activated. At the time of the trespassing incident, President Trump was staying at his White House residence.

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