Wikileaks to release documents related to US presidential election

The founder of Wikileaks announced this morning that his website will be releasing documents related to the upcoming US presidential election soon.
Assange Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

At a press conference that was held this morning (Tuesday) in order to mark Wikileaks’ 10th anniversary, the founder of the controversial website said that he will soon release documents related the upcoming US presidential election. In addition, Julian Assange said that the documents, which are already being called an October surprise, will reveal information about three governments.

Assange clarified that the information related to the elections will be released before Americans head to the voting booths in November. In addition, he dismissed the reports about the documents intend to harm Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, stating that he was misquoted prior to the press conference about the matter.

Besides the upcoming US presidential election, the documents will be related to Google, the weapons industry, the oil industry and public surveillance. According to Assange, the information will be released on a weekly basis on the website.

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