Down to the last minute, Trump and Clinton scare Americans into voting for them

Just two days before the end of the presidential race, the candidates are busy scaring undecided voters into voting for them. Both campaigns have released videos that focus on gaining more voters and faulting the opposition.
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After the two leading candidates have used every measure possible to draw in more votes, they both are resorting to scare tactics and fear mongering. The two leading United States presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have supplied the public with the most controversial campaign in U.S history. Moments before the awaited Election Day, the candidates are holding nothing back. Both campaigns released videos that focus on scaring the public into voting against the opposition.

Clinton's campaign produced a video that features a launch officer at a nuclear rocket site fearing a situation where Trump is the one with the power to push the button. Another video from the Democratic campaign focuses on the message that Trump isn't fit to be president. The video recalls the various controversial remarks Trump made about women and minorities.

Trump's campaign chose to portray Clinton as selfish and corrupt. The message stated is that Hillary only cares about money, power and herself. In addition, the video states that she is not fit to serve the nation and that she has endangered the country's national security. Trump maintains the claim he has expressed throughout his campaign about Clinton being corrupt.

The different nature of these videos is clearly noticed if one just compares them to the 2008 election campaign videos when Barack Obama and John McCain were the candidates. The two chose to focus on their own values and ideas. Obama emphasized in his videos the changes he wishes to make in the country. McCain chose to focus on his conservative values and love for the nation.

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