International Women’s Day: Women who are changing the world for women

Today (Wednesday), International Women’s Day is being marked all over the world. Women throughout the world are working year-round to reshape the reality for not only themselves but other women as well.
Hind Ahmad Al-Nahedh Photo Credit: EPA

In honor of International Women’s Day, JOL searched for women all over the world who are making a difference in the world. These women are reshaping the world for not only themselves but other women as well. Hind Ahmad Al-Nahedh is a Kuwaiti businesswoman and social media expert. She is the CEO of Socialobby, a social media marketing firm in Kuwait. She is involved in many women empowerment programs in the Arab country.

In Syria, Maysaa Ibrahim has been the head of Azm Palace Museum in Damascus for over 10 years. Ibrahim believes that women should play a major role in society. She believes that there is no difference between what a man can do and what a woman can do.  

48-year-old Eunice Mbanjwa is a South African child caregiver and the team leader of Homes for Kids in South Africa (HOKISA). Mbanjwa has been working at HOKISA for over 13 years, caring for children and orphans affected by HIV/AIDS. HOKISA is partly funded by the South African government as well as donors from all over the world. Mbanjwa’s work is based in Masiphumelele.

Eunice Mbanjwa Photo Credit: EPA

Kaouter Talbi is a tram driver in Tunisia. The 38-year-old mother has been a tram driver for 11 years. She is one of five women who drive trams in the country.

Women of the Wall at the Kotel Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In Israel, the Women of the Wall movement is battling for women’s rights to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City just like Jewish men are allowed to pray there. Women of the Wall is made up of Jewish women from Israel and around the world from all denominations of Judaism. Women of the Wall conducts a prayer service for Rosh Hodesh every month at the Western Wall.

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