Tennis star Serena Williams reveals she accidentally announced pregnancy

It turns out that American tennis star Serena Williams’ pregnancy news went viral by accident. The best female tennis player in the world hit the wrong button on Snapchat, turning her post public.
Serena Williams Photo Credit: Serena Williams/SNAPCHAT/Channel 2 News

Serena Williams, the best female tennis player in the world, explained on Wednesday that she accidently revealed to the world the news of her pregnancy. In an interview, she admitted that she hit the wrong button on Snapchat, making the picture of her in a one-piece bathing suit with the caption “20 weeks” public.

The post went viral almost instantly. The tennis star then confirmed the news. During an interview at the TED2017 Conference, she said that the incident was not a big deal because she had planned to share her exciting news with the world soon.

Williams added that she plans to return to the tennis court shortly after she gives birth for the first time. “My baby is going to be in the stands, hopefully cheering for me and not crying too much,” she said.

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