Abu Mazen at the UN: “Israel is committing ethnic cleansing”

The President of the Palestinian Authority attacked Israel during his speech at the UN General Assembly, claiming that “Israel is engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians” and calling on the UN to declare 2017 as “the year of the Palestinian occupation.”
Abu Mazen at the UN, last year Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas gave his speech at the United Nations General Assembly this evening. After being called onto the stage as the President of Palestine, Abu Mazen called on Israel to stop its “attacks on Al-Aqsa” and attacked Israel’s construction policies, claiming that “Israel is engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.”

“Racial segregation is committed in Israel on a daily basis,” he claimed. “It manifests itself in various concessions for settlers while the Palestinians are dispossessed of most of their land, and specifically Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Abu Mazen went on to attack Israel’s decision to reject the Paris Peace Initiative. “We hope that the commission will convene by the end of the year,” he stated. “If there is no international commission and no direct negotiations, how will there be peace?”

“There is no rivalry between us and the Jewish people. We respect the Jewish religion because it is a Semitic religion,” Abu Mazen continued. “We condemn the disaster that happened to the Jewish people in Europe – the holocaust – and see it as one of the most heinous crimes in history. Israel should recognize its responsibility for the Nakba that happened to the Palestinian people and still exists. It will open the door for cooperation and for building bridges.”

Abu Mazen called on the UN to declare 2017 as “the year of the Palestinian occupation” and to make it the year during which the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land will come to an end.

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