Analysis: George Soros funds radical groups that assist Palestinian terrorists and encourage terrorism

According to DC Leaks, Soros directly funds the radical New Israel Fund, Mossawa and Adalah. The New Israel Fund then in turn funds HaMoked and other groups that assist Palestinian terrorists.
Im Tirtzu protests against HaMoked and its foreign donors Photo Credit: Bar Shalev

JerusalemOnline has recently learned that Jewish American billionaire George Soros funds groups that assist Palestinian terrorists.   DC Leaks reported that the US-based New Israel Fund received 9 grants from George Soros since 2002 totaling $837,000. The New Israel Fund in turn donated $116,990 to the radical HaMoked group in 2014, whose mission is to defend terrorist families in court and to prevent the demolition of their homes.  

According to Im Tirtzu, HaMoked, who has received over 11 billion shekels from foreign entities including the European Union, Germany, Norway, Finland and Belgium, uses their funds in order to defend terrorists and to submit appeals on their behalf.   Among the terrorists that Hamoked assisted are the murderer of Rabbi Michael Mark in Othniel, the terrorist who murdered members of the Henkin family, the murderer of Malachi Rosenfeld, the murderers of Danny Gonen, the murderers of Aharon Bennett and Nehamia Lavi, the murderer of Baruch Mizrahi, the murderer of Shlomit Krugman, the murderers of Hadar Cohen, and the murderer of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel.

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg stated: “Over the past 2 years, HaMoked has represented nearly every terrorist who has murdered Israelis.”   According to him, foreign entities such as European governments and the New Israel Fund, which is funded by Soros, “operate in the Israeli Supreme Court by means of foreign agent organizations rather than going through the proper diplomatic channels.” Peleg called this “an attempt to alter Israeli internal policy” and stressed that it “not only harms Israeli democracy and sovereignty but bolsters terrorism.”  Unfortunately, HaMoked is not the only group encouraging Palestinian terrorism benefitting from Soros money, either directly or indirectly via the New Israel Fund.

According to the Zionist Organization of America, the New Israel Fund that is backed by Soros once gave the International Solidarity Movement a stipend.  The International Solidarity Movement is known for supporting “Palestinian armed struggle” and is on record justifying “the need for terrorism.” In 2002, members of the group assisted terrorists taking refuge inside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  In 2003, ISM activist Susan Barclay stated that the group works with both Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who are both recognized as terror organizations by the US State Department. That same year, 3 British terrorists who were associated with the ISM attacked Mike’s Place Bar in Tel Aviv, murdering 3 people. Also in 2003, an Islamic Jihad terrorist was arrested inside the ISM office in Jenin while being assisted by two ISM activists.  In 2008, ISM activist Richard David Hupper was convicted of providing material aid to Hamas. ISM was also involved in the Free Gaza Flotilla, which violently clashed with the Israeli Navy. According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry website, “ISM members take an active part in illegal and violent acts directed at IDF soldiers. At time, their acts are under the auspices of Palestinian terror organizations."

According to Algeimer, the New Israel Fund that is backed by Soros provided Social Television with $239,480 between 2010 and 2015. Social Television claimed that a terrorist who stabbed a 15-year-old boy and was shot fleeing the scene was a “victim of terrorism.” This was not an isolated incident. The New Israel Fund that is backed by Soros also funds the 972 Magazine blog, which claimed: “The underlining dimension in the Palestinian struggle throughout its history is the desire to be seen. Jabbing a potato peeler into the stomach of an Israeli is not going to end the occupation but it guarantees a breakaway moment. So grab a potato peeler!  I think that anyone who is not a complete introvert can identify with this.”

However, not all of these radical groups received Soros money indirectly.  Some of them got direct funding. Soros has directly funded the radical Adalah group.  According to DC Leaks, Adalah received 14 grants from Soros since 2001 totaling $2,688,561.  Adalah has been outspokenly advocating against Israel’s new counter-terror law that seeks to more efficiently deal with the present wave of terror. One of Adalah’s objections to the new law is that it criminalizes incitement to terrorism as well as expressing support for terrorism, which they claimed “suppresses the struggle of Palestinian citizens of Israel and their pursuit of political activities in support of Palestinians living under occupation.” They also claimed that the new law harms “Palestinians detained for security related offenses.” In addition, Adalah has been advocating on behalf of terrorists on hunger strike, offering training courses for lawyers defending Palestinian terrorists, and working to improve the conditions of terrorists imprisoned inside Israeli jails.  

In addition, Soros also directly funds Mossawa.   Since 2006, Mossawa has received 6 grants from Soros totaling $260,000.   Mossawa has been spreading the myth that it is Israel who is violating the status quo on the Temple Mount by bringing in “extremist activists and settlers,” thus helping to encourage the myth that “Al Aqsa is in danger” that has been fueling the present wave of terror.  They also condemned Israel for shooting an Arab that was trying to stab Israelis and like Adalah, they have been working in order to fight against Israel’s new counter-terror law that seeks to more efficiently deal with the present wave of terror.

The new Israeli counter-terror law that was enacted into force earlier this year, which the Soros-funded Mossawa and Adalah opposes, gives up to 25 years imprisonment to leaders of terror cells.   Terrorists who use chemical, biological or radioactive weapons will receive life imprisonment. Terrorists who use firearms or deal with weapons will face longer sentences as will terror leaders. Individuals who give financial support to terror groups will get 9 years imprisonment while those who threaten to commit terror attacks will get 7 years imprisonment. Following the new law, individuals who express support for terrorism or terror organizations can get 3 years imprisonment. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has always emphasized that there is a strong connection between incitement to terrorism and actual terror attacks.

DC Leaks recently highlighted that George Soros funds these radical NGOs that aside from assisting Palestinian terrorists have encouraged anti-Israel messaging, the delegitimization of Israel, the BDS movement, and tensions between Israel and the European Union, which has helped to fuel the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However, Soros’ Open Society Institute sought to fuel the conflict while “maintaining a low profile and relative distance.” This might explain why many of the worst groups received Soros money via the New Israel Fund and not via Soros directly.

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