Irish ambassador reprimanded by Israel clarifies: Ireland doesn't support BDS

The Irish Ambassador to Israel was reprimanded by the Israeli Foreign Ministry due to the legislative initiative to boycott trade with Israeli settlements. The bill was postponed in Ireland and the ambassador made clear that the Irish government opposes the initiative.
Irish Foreign Minister and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Haim Zach/GPO

The Irish Seanad postponed a vote on Wednesday concerning the controversial bill that would ban the import and sale of products from Israeli settlements. The postponement came as Irish Ambassador to Israel Alison Kelly was reprimanded by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. According to an Israel News Company report, Kelly made clear upon being summoned that the Irish government opposes the legislative initiative.

As reported yesterday by JOL, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the Irish bill on Tuesday and ordered for the Israeli Foreign Ministry to summon Kelly.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemns the Irish legislative initiative, the entire goal of which is to support the BDS movement and harm the State of Israel,” the Prime Minister’s Office wrote on Twitter. “the initiative gives backing to those who seek to boycott Israel and completely contravenes the guiding principles of free trade and justice. “Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed that the Irish Ambassador to Israel be summoned to the Foreign Ministry on this matter.”

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