Victory for Israeli Foreign Ministry: Brussels Airlines will bring Achva's halva products back onto its flights

After announcing last week that it was taking products produced by the Israeli company Achva off its menu due to pressure from the BDS movement, Brussels Airlines is now bringing the Israeli products back onto its flights thanks to the work of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
Israeli halva is back on Brussels Airlines flights Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced this evening (Monday) that upon the request of its Director-General Dore Gold, who worked alongside the ministry’s Media and Public Affairs Department and the Israeli embassies in Brussels and Berlin, Belgium’s national carrier Brussels Airlines has decided to bring back the halva products produced by the Israeli company Achva onto its flights.

Last week, Brussels Airlines announced that it was removing Achva’s products from the menu on its flights after being pressured to do so by the Palestinian-led International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which supports boycotting Israel and takes part in the international BDS campaign. ISM claimed that Achva products are produced in a factory located beyond the Green Line and thus should not be distributed on the airline’s flights.

Upon succumbing to the Palestinian pressure, the airline explained that “as a flight company which services an international community of people with different cultures and backgrounds, we are responsible to offer products which please everyone.” Now, thanks to the work of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the Israeli products have been returned.

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