UK's Boris Johnson: Two-state solution 'best way forward', settlements 'an obstacle'

The British Foreign Secretary said the increased pace of settlement construction is "an obstacle" to peace, but added that he is against any form of boycotts.
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British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said the UK's view remains that a two-state solution is "the best way" to move forward with a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

"I think there should be an understanding on both sides that it takes two to tango," Johnson said in an interview for Channel 2 News. Our view remains unchanged that a two-state solution is the best way forward. What we don't want to see are any further obstacles to that solution."

When asked what he considers as obstacles, Johnson said, "There are two types. On the one hand, there's violence and incitement to violence, threats to Israel's security, and on the other hand, obviously, there's the increased pace of settlements and demolitions."

Despite being firm about the UK's position on settlements, Johnson criticized campaigns to boycott Israeli goods manufactured in the West Bank. "I've always been against any kind of discrimination and boycotts. We see no logic in that. We want to build up trade with Israel. I think consumers can make up their minds."

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