House of Lords committee report recommends considering recognizing Palestinian state

The International Relations Committee of the House of Lords in the British Parliament published a report questioning US policy in the Middle East and suggests seriously considering the recognition of a Palestinian state.
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The International Relations Committee of the House of Lords, the Upper Chamber of the British Parliament, issued a report today calling upon the UK to seriously consider recognizing a Palestinian state. This was after claiming that the UK can no longer rely upon American leadership in the Middle East.

The report argues that the UK should distance itself from American positions for the Donald Trump White House “has the potential to destabilize the region further. The US president has taken positions that are unconstructive and could even escalate conflict.”

The committee warned that “the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is on the verge of moving into a phase where the two-state solution becomes an impossibility. In the absence of US leadership, it is time for the Europeans to play a more active role.”

"The resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute must remain high amongst British foreign policy priorities," the report said. "The government should be more forthright in stating its views on these issues despite the views of the US administration."

The desire to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict comes in response to Trump’s surprising statement last February, where he stated that he is open to the possibility of having one state unlike previous American governments. The US President did state afterwards that he prefers the two-state solution but did not repeat the American commitment towards the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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