British online fashion retailer loses millions in fire

ASOS, an online British fashion retailer popular in Israel, lost an estimated $8 million in damages from a fire that broke out early this morning (Tuesday) at its new distribution center in Berlin.
$8 million lost in damages Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A fire that broke out in British online fashion giant ASOS’s new warehouse on the outskirts of Berlin has destroyed an estimated £6.25 million ($8 million) worth of merchandise.

The company's new Eurohub 2 distribution center in Germany contained about seven million items when the fire broke out at 3:00 am early this morning (Tuesday). According to the company’s statement, the affected chamber only contained two million items with a cost value of approximately £25 million.

This is not the first time that the online fashion retailer, which is very popular in Israel, has been hit by a fire. The company's main distribution center in London went up in flames in 2014, causing £30 million ($40 million) in damages. In 2005, a fuel tank explosion also caused extensive damage to one of the company's warehouses.

"ASOS’ logistics center responsible for supplying orders to Israel is in the UK and therefore has not been hurt," says Yaniv Ben Tovim, CEO of E-Post, which operates 350 points of sale nationwide and serves as ASOS's exclusive distribution company in Israel.

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