American comedian Conan O’Brien announces he’s coming to Israel ‘to help Jared Kushner’

Conan O’Brien announced on Twitter that he will be heading to Israel soon. The American comedian and late-night talk show host said that he is going to Israel “to help Jared Kushner,” who will fly to the Middle East soon in order to promote peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
Conan O’Brien Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

American comedian Conan O’Brien announced yesterday (Saturday) that he will be heading to Israel to film a segment for his popular late-night talk show. O’Brien shared the news with his fans on Twitter, writing: “Breaking: Conan O’Brien sends Conan O’Brien to Israel to help Jared Kushner. Stay tuned. #ConanIsrael #ConanWithoutBorders.”

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, O’Brien will fly to Israel at the end of the month for a five-day trip. O’Brien’s visit is reportedly being planned by the Keshet media group and also Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles Sam Grundwerg.

Over the weekend, JOL reported that US President Donald Trump is expected to send Kushner and Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt to the Middle East soon in order to meet with local leaders and promote peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. According to a White House official, Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell will also be part of the senior American delegation, which will hold meetings regarding the matter in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“While the regional talks will play an important role, the president reaffirms that peace between Israelis and Palestinians can only be negotiated directly between the two parties and that the United States will continue working closely with the parties to make progress towards that goal,” the official said.

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