Netanyahu to Merkel on Iran Nuclear Deal: "Put in real and not cosmetic changes"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where the two discussed the Iran Nuclear Deal. Netanyahu emphasized the necessity to implement substantial changes to the agreement and stated that Merkel "understands our concerns."
Merkel and Netanyahu meet in Davos Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took advantage of his attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday evening in order to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, where the two discussed the Iran Nuclear Deal. Netanyahu implored Merkel to implement substantial alterations to the agreement, while Merkel stated that she understands Israel’s concerns regarding this issue.

“It was an important meeting,” Netanyahu said following the meeting. “I said that in my view, the only existing option at the moment is to put in real – not cosmetic – changes that will prevent Iran from going nuclear, which would otherwise be assured by the agreement as it stands.”

“I also expressed my appreciation for Chancellor Merkel’s genuine commitment to the security of Israel,” Netanyahu added. “She understands that this touches our concerns, the things that could threaten our very existence. She has proven this commitment in the past at various opportunities. I am satisfied that our positions have been well-understood.”

Netanyahu is set to meet with US President Donald Trump on Thursday in Davos, where the two will also discuss the Iranian threat along with Trump’s statement in which he said that he will not ratify the agreement as long as substantial changes are not inserted. Analysts believe that if the US does not withdraw from the deal and Europe faces the choice to either conduct business with Iran or with the US, Europe will choose the US. Jerusalem believes that Europe will keep the current nuclear deal, the US will withdraw from it and will also impose new sanctions on Iran.

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