Israel's Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara: "We cannot be apathetic about refugee children"

Israel's Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara is presently in the United States attempting to promote medical and other humanitarian assistance for Syrian, Iraqi and other refugee children.
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Israel's Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara is presently in the United States, where he is working together with the American elite in order to assist refugees in distress: "The main goal is to find support for a medical center located at Wolfsen Medical Center in order to help refugee children and for persecuted peoples suffering from severe heart problems as well as to provide backing to Save a Child's Heart in general."

"The Wolfsen Medical Center currently treats hundreds of children from Syria, Iraq, Gaza, etc.," Kara noted. Kara discussed how Israel is already taking in children from neighboring countries with severe medical problems and returning them healthy to their countries of origin: "We are doing everything not only to provide them medical help but also to give humanitarian assistance.  The goal is to establish a special independent frame under the supervision of Professor Jacob Schachter who accompanies me on my visit. The program costs $40 million and most of the funding has been found. The construction has begun and all that remains is additional fundraising."

Kara stressed that he will meet with senior level American officials in order to explain to them the dangers faced by minorities in the Middle East. He also plans to ask them for humanitarian and military assistance in order to save these poor people from ISIS, the Al Nusra Front, Hezbollah, and other religious extremist groups. The Deputy Minister refused to reveal whether Israel would be involved directly or indirectly due to the sensitivity of the issue.

"We cannot be apathetic on this issue," Kara proclaimed in the United States. "We also want to help the other side in distress to receive medical and other assistance. The Americans must be at the center of this. They must cooperate. They want to cooperate. They want to hear from us how to do this."

The Israeli Ministry for Regional Cooperation works to promote positive relations between the State of Israel and its neighbors. Aside from assisting in bringing refugee children to receive medical treatment in Israel, they also promote the Dead Sea-Red Sea Peace Canal, which seeks to save the Dead Sea, provide desalinated water, and to promote positive relations between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. In addition, they are also promoting the Jordan Gateway Industrial Park that seeks to strengthen Israeli-Jordanian economic ties and they want to establish special meeting rooms where Israeli and Palestinian businessmen can meet.  The Israeli Ministry for Regional Cooperation has a long-term goal of creating a land bridge for trade between Jordan and the Gulf states to Europe that crosses Israel.  

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