Israel’s Elbit Systems to be in charge of building wall promised by Trump on Mexican border

After the US struggled to keep President Donald Trump’s campaign promises, such as building a wall on the Mexican border, the government entrusted Elbit Systems with the task, which will include importing Israeli technology utilized to defend Israel’s borders.
Elbit Systems entrusted with task of building border wall Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

For years, the US has been fighting border infiltrators and has built a huge border defense system. In some places, a wall was built, while ground and air patrols are conducted in others in order to stop the wave sweeping the continent. Yet the US still struggles at halting the flow from the south, which is what led US President Donald Trump toward one of his most well-known and controversial campaign promises: building a wall with Mexico. In order to keep his campaign promise, he US hired the services of Elbit Systems, who will import the technology and obstacle methods utilized on Israel’s borders.

The US-Mexico border extends for a length of 3,360 km. It runs through a variety of terrain tunnels, deserts, mountains and great plains. More than 200,000 illegal immigrants from around the world cross over the border each year into the US, while about 300 of them die along the journey mainly from dehydration.

US delegation visited Israel’s border with Gaza and Egypt Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Despite the efforts, the US admits that it is struggling to complete the task that Trump declared. Here’s where an Israeli company comes into the picture: Elbit Systems was invited to lead the project of building a “smart border” between the US and Mexico. The company was assigned the task after American delegations came to Israel within the past few months and visited the border with the Gaza Strip and Egypt, where Elbit Systems presented them Israel’s border security methods and the technology developed for the borders.

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