Trump’s advisor on Israel in exclusive interview with Channel 2 News

In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News, Trump’s senior-level advisor on U.S.-Israel relations addressed Hillary Clinton’s medical incident and continued the line taken by the Republican candidate: “We hope she feels better. Politics is a blood sport.”
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In an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News that was broadcasted this evening (Monday), David Friedman, Donald Trump’s advisor on U.S.-Israel relations, continued the line taken by the Republican candidate in response to Hillary Clinton’s “medical incident” and expressed his hope that the Democratic candidate would recover quickly.

“We hope that Secretary Clinton feels better,” Friedman stated during the interview. “Politics is considered to be a blood sport now throughout the world and especially in presidential elections. But when someone is afflicted by an illness, the right thing to do, I think, is to stand back and say as you say in Hebrew: ‘Refua Shlema’.”

“We hope that Secretary Clinton feels better." Trump Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

When asked about the impact that Clinton’s medical condition would have on the presidential race, Friedman claimed that with regards to his field of expertise, U.S.-Israel relations, he did not expect any change. “From my perspective, I’m focusing on the clear superiority of Mr. Trump relative to Secretary Clinton on the issue of Israel. I don’t think any of that changes by reason of Mrs. Clinton’s health problems but beyond that I’d only be speculating.”

Later on in the interview, Friedman addressed Clinton’s claims in her interview with Channel 2 News that there was no consistency in Trump’s stance on Israel. “I don’t think she’s been paying attention if that’s her view,” he stated. “If you look at the Republican platform on Israel, which is a platform that the Trump campaign in general and myself and Mr. Greenblatt were particularly involved in, you’ll see a platform that is very detailed and is the most pro-Israel platform in the history of this country for either party. So there is nothing ambiguous or unclear about Mr. Trump’s support for the State of Israel."

Should explain how she'll be different from Obama. Clinton Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

In the past, Trump has claimed that if he was not elected president, Israel could find itself under existential threat. Friedman agreed that this statement was perhaps slightly exaggerated but claimed that the Republican candidate had a legitimate point. “The differences between a Trump administration and a Clinton administration are stark,” he claimed. “They’re dramatic and potentially existential because Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be essentially an apologist for Iran and Iran is a very dangerous country. I think we have to elect a president that is going to scrupulously protect Israel.”

At the end of his interview, Friedman claimed that Clinton has yet to note the essential difference between her presidency and Obama’s. “I think that when you have an eight-year record, or at least in her case a four-year record as Secretary of State, and in those four years you’ve done things that are unprecedented in terms of damaging the American relationship with Israel, I think you have an obligation to explain to the people of Israel and to the people of the United States how, if at all, you’re going to be different. Given the anticipation that preceded the interview, I think it’s intellectually insulting for her to gloss over all these critical issues.”

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