Fighting against lies spread about Israel on US college campuses: Fact versus fiction

After the Reservists on Duty group documented American students spreading lies about Israel, Channel 2 News decided to expose what is fact and what is fiction regarding their statements.
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After documentation was published on Channel 2’s Friday Edition showing American students making false claims about the State of Israel, the Palestinian issue and Syria, Channel 2 News decided to take the infuriating statements that were exposed by Reservists on Duty group and to demonstrate what is fact versus what is fiction.

One of the students claimed that Israel was an apartheid state for there is a wall there and one cannot unite as a political party unless one recognizes Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. But the facts are different. Apartheid is a policy of racial segregation, like what used to exist in South Africa. In Israel, there is no policy separating Jews and Arabs, who live together as equal citizens.

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One of the students alleged that the best way to help Syria is to compel Israel to stop bombing them. However, according to foreign sources, Israel has only attacked Hezbollah arms shipments or eliminated terrorist operatives. Israel never attacked Syrian civilians.

On one of the campuses, they claimed that Israel raided Palestinian villages after the three boys were kidnapped and they killed 504 children: “That is only what is documented.” They also claimed that Hamas was not responsible for the kidnapping of the 3 boys.

However, the facts following the kidnapping of the 3 boys indicated that after Israel launched Operation Bring Back Our Boys, only a few Palestinians were killed and wounded. This led to Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, after which Hamas acknowledged being behind murdering and kidnapping the 3 boys.

The American students claim that Hamas has very limited abilities to respond to Israel’s actions. They claimed that they make homemade rockets that “barely reach a height of 15 meters” and for that reason, it only affects the communities very close to Gaza. However, during Operation Protective Edge, Hamas fired thousands of missiles at Israel including grad rockets that reached the Carmel coast.

Another outrageous claim made by the anti-Israel students was that there are more Palestinians than Jews in Israel and the War of Independence was actually the goal of the Zionists: “They tried the partition plan but no one agreed to it.” In reality, there are more Jews than Arabs in the State of Israel. Furthermore, Israel accepted the UN Partition Plan but the Arabs rejected it, preferring to go to war. Thus, the Jewish community was forced to repel Arab attacks after they declared war the second that the UN Partition Plan was approved in 1947.

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