France: Store manager pressured by Muslim customer to remove Israeli products

A Muslim customer claimed that selling Israeli-made products while Israel 'slaughters the children of Gaza' was offensive to Muslims.

Watch: Store manager removes Israeli products

A supermarket manager in France was filmed removing Israeli products from a shelf due to pressure from a Muslim customer.

In a video posted on social media by BDS activists, the manager of a Carrefour store in Chambourcy is shown taking boxes of Israeli-made dates off a shelf reserved for products suitable for Ramadan. In the background, the customer is heard denouncing the store for selling Israeli-made products while Israel "slaughters the children of Gaza."

The customer goes on to say Muslims should use their consumer power to get all Israeli products off the shelves, as the manager – while continuing to remove the boxes – says he has no intention of addressing political issues.

Carrefour, as a chain, objects to a boycott of Israel and regularly sells Israeli-made products despite pressure from anti-Israeli groups.

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