Netanyahu called and German Foreign Affairs Minister didn’t answer

After cancelling the meeting between them, it appears that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested to explain his hesitation to the German Foreign Affairs Minister. But when Netanyahu called, the minister did not answer.
German Foreign Affairs Minister Photo Credit: EPA

As reported earlier by JOL, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled today (Tuesday) his meeting with German Foreign Affairs Minister Zigmar Gabriel, after he did not follow Netanyahu’s demand to not meet with left-wing organizations. After the announcement of the Prime Minister’s office regarding the cancellation, new information has been uncovered concerning what was done behind the scenes in an attempt to prevent a diplomatic crisis between Israel and Germany.

It seems that the Prime Minister’s office attempted to quietly solve the crisis before the German Foreign Minister’s visit came to an end. Over the past few days, messages were sent from Jerusalem to the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin in an attempt to stop Gabriel’s meeting with left-wing organizations.

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