How did the North Korean threat reach Israel recently?

Despite the threats and sanctions imposed upon North Korea, the missile tests and nuclear developments continue. Behind the provocations and demonstration of power is an advanced weapons industry that has become an exporter worldwide. Some of these developments also threaten Israel.
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A series of missile tests that were conducted recently in North Korea have upset the world and have been seen as a dangerous provocation but behind the demonstration of power are economic interests. Various missile ranges, aerial defense systems and communication systems have been a leading exporter for the closed-off dictatorship. They send them to many countries and terror organizations across the world including to entities that threaten Israel.

Over the weekend, various Arab media outlets reported that a weapons convoy that was designated for Hezbollah was attacked by the IDF in Syrian territory on the night between Thursday and Friday. The weapons were all part of a North Korean advanced missile system.

In addition, the reactor that Israel allegedly attacked in September 2007 was built for Assad with the assistance of the North Korean dictatorship.

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