Despite the cold: Hundreds participate in anti-BDS events in Canada

In meetings organized by anti-BDS organization “Lev HaOlam,” hundreds of participants attended in Toronto, Niagra and Mississauga, despite the below-freezing temperatures of the Canadian winter. “It was very interesting and unique,” said a participant in Toronto. “We were happy to hear about what is happening in Israel firsthand.”
Lev HaOlam meeting in Canada Photo Credit: Lev HaOlam

In several meetings organized by the “Lev HaOlam” organization, hundreds of attendees braved the Canadian winter to come to anti-BDS events. “It was very cold, -22°, and despite that, we had a great turnout,” said attorney Nati Rom, the founder of the organization.

The meetings recently took place in Toronto, Niagra and Mississauga. As part of the organization’s project, thousands of packages from Jewish settlements in the West Bank are sent and sold abroad each month, including Canada. In addition, the organizers recount and discuss life in Israel so that the participants can learn what is happening on the ground.

“It was very interesting and unique,” explained one of the participants in Toronto. “We were happy to hear about what is happening in Israel firsthand and also to learn about the fascinating personal story of attorney Nati Rom. The products from the region are quite unique and we are excited to take part in supporting the region from afar.”

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