Iran says Netanyahu’s speech was a ‘ridiculous and childish game’

Iran reacted again today to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech, calling it a “childish game designed to mislead some of the governments.”
Netanyahu, yesterday Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Dahakan has responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Monday speech and called it a “ridiculous and childish game” during an interview with Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen network.

“His statements are recycled and full of unsubstantiated accusations and propaganda against Iran’s nuclear work,” he said. “It’s a childish game designed to mislead some of the governments and influence US President Donald Trump’s decision about the nuclear deal.”

Dahakan added that “Netanyahu’s claims are proof of the Zionist regime’s inability and failure against the resistance in the region…the Zionist enemy should know that the Mujahideen soldiers will be ready to avenge at any time.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who already referred to Netanyahu as “the boy who can’t stop crying wolf” in a tweet yesterday, responded today as well by tweeting: “Pres. Trump is jumping on a rehash of old allegations already dealt with by the IAEA to “nix” the deal. How convenient. Coordinated timing of alleged intelligence revelations by the boy who cries wolf just days before May 12. But Trump’s impetuousness to celebrate blew the cover.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry also responded on Tuesday to Netanyahu’s speech, calling it one of the most recent theatrical presentations on Iran’s secret nuclear program. Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi described Netanyahu’s claims as “worn-out, useless and shameful” and added that the remarks were futile efforts by a “broke and infamous liar who has had nothing to offer except lies and deceits,” according to the ministry’s website.

“Netanyahu and the notorious, child-killing Zionist regime must have reached the basic understanding that the people of the world have enough awareness and cognisance,” Qassemi added.

Meanwhile, other countries, such as France, are claiming that Netanyahu’s dramatic speech did not reveal any new evidence.

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