Eitan Na’eh to be Israel’s first ambassador to Turkey following reconciliation agreement

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Eitan Na’eh will be the Israeli ambassador in Ankara, a position that has not been filed since 2011 when Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador.
Eitan Na’eh Photo Credit: Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry/Channel 2 News

Eitan Na’eh was named today (Tuesday) Israel’s ambassador to Turkey. This is the first time that Israel has appointed a diplomat to this position since 2009 when the relationship between the two countries started to deteriorate during Operation Cast Lead.

Na’eh, who is currently the deputy ambassador of Israel’s mission in London, previously served as Israel's ambassador to Azerbaijan and a diplomatic adviser in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

In the beginning of September 2011, the UN Palmer Report regarding the Gaza flotilla raid was released. In light of the report, Turkey announced that it has downgraded the country’s diplomatic ties with Israel and then-Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expelled the Israeli ambassador from his country.

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