After Harvey: Israel to transfer $1M aid package to Houston Jewish community

Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett is working to finalize an aid package for the Houston Jewish community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The plan still needs to receive government approval.
Flooding in Houston Photo Credit: EPA

On Monday, the Israeli Diaspora Affairs Ministry announced that it is advancing an extensive aid package for the Jewish community in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The aid package, worth $1 million, will hopefully help the local Jewish community recover from the damage caused by the powerful storm and rebuild.

Many oJewish facilities, schools and synagogues were flooded due to the high water levels in the streets of Houston. In addition, thousands of Jewish families in the city lost their homes.

The aid package will be brought to a vote during the next government meeting. "This is the time for the state of the Jewish people to assist our brothers in the diaspora who are in distress," Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett said in a statement.   

"The city of Houston suffered a blow last week and the Jewish community, 70% of which live in the flooded neighborhoods, was hit very hard," Bennett continued. "The State of Israel has a moral commitment not only to care for but also to help our brothers and sisters in the diaspora."

According to Bennett, the aid package will be finalized by his ministry soon. If approved by the government, the aid will be transferred to the Israeli consulate in Houston and then go directly to the Jewish community, which is made up of some 60,000 residents.

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