Israelis advised to refrain from visiting violent regions in Ethiopia due to protests

Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has advised against traveling to two regions in Ethiopia where violent clashes between protesters and security forces have claimed the lives of over a hundred people.
Violent clashes in Ethiopia Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In recent months, hundreds of people were killed and injured in violent clashes between protesters and security forces in the Oromia and Amhara regions in Ethiopia. In light of the deadly protests, the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a travel warning urging Israelis to avoid visiting these two regions.

“This week, the protests in Oromia resumed and there are reports about hundreds of people being killed in this region,” stated the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry. “The government buildings are being attacked and this must be taken into consideration when in these areas.” The ministry added that due to the recent events, problems have been reported with Internet access and phone lines all over the country including in the capital city.

In addition, the ministry recommended that Israelis in Ethiopia remain alert and avoid areas where the protests are taking place. The ministry also recommended that Israelis avoid traveling within 10 kilometers of the country’s borders with Eritrea, Kenya, North Sudan and South Sudan.

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