Joint Arab List MK Haneen Zoabi initially denied entry at Moscow airport

Joint Arab List MK Haneen Zoabi was prohibited from entering Russia after she landed in Moscow without an entry visa. The Israeli Embassy in Russia attempted to help the MK, who was eventually released and allowed to enter the country.
MK Haneen Zoabi Photo Credit: Flash 90

MK Haneen Zoabi (Joint Arab List) landed at the Moscow airport Friday morning but was initially denied entry to the country because even though she was carrying her diplomatic passport, she did not have an entry visa, which is required in such a case.  

The Israeli Embassy in Russia was informed about the situation and tried to help Zoabi enter the country. Eventually, the Israeli Arab politician was permitted to enter Russia. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry stated in response: “The Israeli Embassy in Russia received a report about it [the incident] and tried to help. In the end, her entry to the country was approved and we are welcoming this development.”

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