Israeli arrested in Azerbaijan to be released two months after bullets found in backpack

Eliyahu Avraham, an Israeli who was held in Azerbaijan for two months after bullets were found among his belongings, will be released and permitted to return to Israel. The Israeli Foreign Ministry is still negotiating the release of an Israeli couple held in the country for the same reason.
Illustration Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90

An Israeli who was arrested in Azerbaijan after bullets were found in his backpack will be released, a Baku court ruled on Wednesday. The Israeli national, Eliyahu Avraham, was held in the country for two months and will now be permitted to return to Israel.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said it is continuing its ongoing efforts to release the other two Israeli citizens, a married couple, who have been held in Baku for a month for having bullets among their belongings.  The ministry also said it is working to send a consular delegation to meet with the authorities in Azerbaijan, in order to establish a fixed framework for the management of these types of cases.

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