Israeli at Paris Airport following terror attack: “We did not speak due to fear”

Hours after the terror incident at the Orly Airport in Paris during which a Muslim terror suspect who seized the weapon of a soldier was eliminated, an Israeli who was in the area spoke out: “We heard screams and saw policemen with guns.”
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Hours after the shooting incident at the Orly Airport in Paris during which a Muslim terror suspect was eliminated by French Security Forces after trying to seize a weapon that belonged to a soldier, Yaron, an Israeli who was at the airport together with his family, recalled the moment of horror.

“We got out of the taxi and entered into the airport,” Yaron told Channel 2 News. “We asked to where we need to go and they told us to floor minus 1. We went down and when the door opened, we understood that something happened because there were screams.”

“A couple with a baby pushed us inside the elevator,” he stated. “We saw that their faces turned white. They could not speak due to the fear. The woman made a hand motion of a gun. I asked her if it was a terrorist. She did not know what to say. I knew we had a problem.”

“I tried to close the door of the elevator,” Yaron related. “We went out of it and hid in the parking lot. We met someone who told us that everything is fine and we are allowed to go back. When we went up, we saw French Special Forces aiming pistols. I lifted my hands up and waved to them while I was hiding. A police officer signaled to me with his eyes to run. They surrounded us and evacuated us. This was a scary sight that was impossible to describe.”

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