Israeli doctors teach Ethiopian surgeons to perform modern procedure

A team of surgeons from central Israel’s Rabin Medical Center recently flew to Ethiopia to teach local surgeons how to perform a modern procedure. The hospital in Ethiopia where the local surgeons work serves a community of eight million people.
Israeli doctor in Ethiopian hospital Photo Credit: Rabin Medical Center's public relations department

Rabin Medical Center recently sent a team of surgeons to a city in Ethiopia to teach the local surgeons how to carry out laparoscopic surgery. Surgeons perform laparoscopies in the abdomen or pelvis with the aid of a camera.

The procedure is considered a modern operation and is done through small incisions. The camera used in the procedure enters the patient’s body and provides the surgeons with a clear picture of the affected area.

Israel News Company reported that the members of the Israeli team volunteered to teach the surgeons at the main hospital in Ethiopia’s Bahir Dar city the procedure. “In Ethiopia, they are performing the common gastric surgeries to the less common surgeries by opening the stomach from bottom to top, just like we were doing 50 years ago,” Dr. Hanoch Kashtan, head of Rabin Medical Center’s Division of General Surgery, explained. “I realized that I could teach them how to carry out advanced surgeries that we today are doing as a daily operation.”

The event held in the Israeli doctors' honor Photo Credit: Rabin Medical Center's public relations department

The main hospital in Bahir Dar serves a community of eight million people. The delegation’s expenses were covered by Bahir Dar University. Bahir Dar University President Dr. Baylie Damtie held a celebratory dinner in the Israeli surgeons’ honor at the end of their trip. The event reportedly included traditional dances and many other aspects of the local traditions and culture.

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