Israeli family of 5 that joined ISIS wants to return to Israel

In July 2015, a resident of Northern Israel received a message from his daughter that confirmed his worst fear. His daughter, her husband and their 3 children crossed the border into Syria and joined ISIS. Ever since, he has been working to convince them to come back to Israel. Recently, they agreed and he met up with them in Turkey in order to arrange their return.
The mother and father Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Over a year ago, a family of 5 from Northern Israel left the country in order to join ISIS in Syria. Recently, Channel 2 Online discovered that the family members fled to Turkey a few days ago in order to return to Israel. The mother’s father traveled to Turkey from Israel in order to meet up with his loved ones.

The father, mother and 3 children traveled to Romania over a year ago in order to attend the medical school graduation ceremony of one of their relatives. During their stay in Romania, the couple told their loved ones that they would be continuing to Turkey for a family vacation. A few days later, the family sent a message to their relatives in Israel saying that they were in Syria and had joined ISIS.

In the past few months, the mother’s father has been working in order to return his family to Israel. After he was able to contact them and convince them to come back, he traveled to Turkey in order to arrange their return to Israel.

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