Israel becomes first to send doctors to cholera-stricken Zambia

An Israeli hospital sent a team of medical experts to cholera-stricken Zambia last week. The team was the first foreign delegation to land in the African nation to provide medical aid since the outbreak of the disease in September.
A young woman is treated for cholera in South Africa (archive) Photo Credit: EPA

Several medical professionals from Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer Hospital are currently in Zambia, helping the country deal with a deadly cholera outbreak. The team arrived on Friday of last week, becoming the first foreign delegation to come to the African nation to help treat the victims.

The Israeli delegation is comprised of water engineers, epidemiologists, tropical medicine experts and general physicians from Sheba Medical Center’s newly established Israel Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response. The center was founded less than a year ago.

The outbreak began in September. So far, over 60 people have died due to the disease. According to reports, thousands of others have already been infected.

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