Israeli President met with UN Secretary-General, urged to fight discrimination against Israel

After starting his official visit in Israel in Yad Vashem, UN Secretary-General António Guterres met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who urged him to fight against anti-Semitism in the UN.

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This morning (Monday), UN Secretary-General António Guterres began his official visit in Israel. Guterres first visited the Yad Vashem museum, where he lay a wreath in memory of the Holocaust victims and from there continued to a meeting at the official residence of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

“Because the idea of the nation state is so deeply rooted in the values and the principles of the UN,” Rivlin told Guterres. “I call upon you, Mr. Secretary-General, to work to end discrimination against Israel in some branches of the organization you’re heading.”

Guterres (left) and Rivlin (right) Photo credit: TPS/ Channel 2 News

“This targeting of Israel, this singling out of the world’s only Jewish state and even actions and statements that threaten to destroy Israel are unacceptable and should come at a price,” Rivlin continued. “No member state in the UN should be allowed to behave like that. These actions weaken cooperation between states and are against the rule of law.”

Dannon (left) greets Guterres (right) Photo credit: Shlomi Amsalem/ Channel 2 News

"I want to express to you, Mr. President, that you can be fully confident that in my role as Secretary-General and in relation to the functions of the secretariat that I am supposed to meet, I am very keen in stressing the values of the Charter,” Guterres said. “I do believe that in particular when you mention those that call for the destruction of the State of Israel that that is a form of modern anti-Semitism.”

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