Israeli released after being held in Egyptian jail for over 30 hours

An Israeli who was arrested in Egypt after a weapons magazine was found in his car was released on Saturday evening. The man was held in an Egyptian jail for over 30 hours and had to pay a heavy fine.
The Taba border crossing between Israel and Egypt Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90

An Israeli man was arrested over the weekend in Egypt after a weapons magazine was found in his car. After over 30 hours in an Egyptian jail, the Israeli was released.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry via the Israeli embassy in Cairo intervened in the case and secured the release. The man was fined an unspecified amount by the Egyptian authorities before they let him go.  

In light of the incident, the ministry is stressing the importance of thoroughly checking the contents of cars, suitcases and bags before entering a different country, whether via a land border crossing or a flight. “Bringing weapons into a foreign country constitutes a criminal offense that may lead to an investigation, arrest and trial, which, at best, will result in prolonged detention in the country and the payment of heavy fines,” the ministry added.

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