Israeli spy satellite narrowly escapes crash with Russian mini-satellites

The Israeli reconnaissance satellite AROS-B, which provides imagery for the Israeli security establishment, nearly collided with small Russian satellites earlier this week.
AROS-B Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Dozens of small satellites launched by Russia nearly crashed into an Israeli reconnaissance satellite earlier this week.

A few months ago, Russia launched 43 small satellites into space. Some of them were later discovered to be moving directly toward the Israeli reconnaissance satellite AROS-B, operated by ImageSat International, which provides imagery to the Israeli security establishment.

A company official said a collision could have caused millions of shekels in damage. "If one of the (Russian satellites) had been hurt, it wouldn't have caused major damage, but the Israeli satellite costs almost $300 million so we had to divert it off its course to save it from collision," he said.

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