Israeli shot in Ohio; His condition is critical

An Israeli man age 30 was shot in Ohio and was evacuated to an intensive care unit. A woman passing by found him bleeding and unconscious but he soon regained consciousness. The Israeli Embassy was updated.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A 30-year-old Israeli man was shot east of Cleveland, Ohio Sunday morning. According to preliminary reports, the man, whose identity has not yet been determined, was evacuated to a local hospital. The details of the incident are being examined. The Israeli Foreign Ministry stated: “We are examining the issue via the trusted officials.”

Local media outlets stated that the Israeli was shot in his face and leg. A woman found him lying on the ground and wounded. “The woman found him lying in a puddle of blood,” the website stated. The police found the man unconscious and not breathing. However, shortly afterwards, he moved his hand and looked around but could not talk due to his injury.

An eye-witness stated that he saw a suspicious person walking around the street before hearing gunshots. No arrest has yet been made. The local police updated the Israeli Embassy regarding the details of the investigation.

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