Israeli startup’s #MyKiss4Peace campaign goes viral

Terrorism struck almost every continent over the last year and Viewly, an Israeli startup, decided to remind the world that peace and love still exists among people around the globe.
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The global terror wave prompted the Israeli start-up Viewly to lead a new international campaign focused on spreading love. As the International Day of Peace, which is today (Wednesday), approached, the Israeli startup called on social media stars and celebrities from all over the world to take a picture of themselves kissing. Viewly then formed a collage with the pictures in order to break the Guinness world record for the largest collage. The huge collage will be hung up outside of the UN Headquarters in New York. The campaign is associated with the social media hashtag: #MyKiss4Peace.

Among the famous people who participated in the campaign was Avril Lavigne, who has more than 80 million followers on social media sites. “This is an opportunity to send out a message stating that people all over the world believe that peace exists between people and that we can and need to live together with love for one another regardless of where we come from,” explained Viewly CEO Alon Lewin. “The past year was tragic for everyone all over the world. Unfortunately, terrorism became a regular occurrence around the globe. The purpose of the campaign of kisses is to prove that love is a lot stronger than terrorism and it will prevail.”

This isn’t the first viral campaign led by the Israeli startup, which specializes in fundraising various social action campaigns. Since last April, more than 20,000 social media users have participating in Viewly’s #JustSmile campaign.

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