Israelis rescued from Saint Martin after Irma

Several Israelis complained yesterday about being trapped in Saint Martin, which was badly damaged by Irma last week. However, they were evacuated by plane early this morning to Puerto Rico.

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Hurricane Irma, which began to pound Florida on Sunday, left a trail of devastation on the Caribbean islands. Saint Martin was badly damaged by the monster storm, which was a Category 5 when it hit. Several Israelis who were stranded on the island in the aftermath of Irma were finally rescued early Monday morning when an American plane landed on the island and took them to Puerto Rico.   

On Saturday, there were 12 Israelis stuck in Saint Martin. Most of them were the family members of the Chabad envoy to the island. The Chabad representative initially stayed on the island even after his family was rescued and flown to Puerto Rico. However, he boarded the plane this morning to join them.

Rescue mission in Saint Martin Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As reported by JOL yesterday, several Israelis who were stuck on the island complained about the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s conduct: “France, the US and the Netherlands all sent helicopters to evacuate those who were injured. Only we were left behind.”

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