Attempts to rescue 2 Israeli tourists from Greek mountains continue under difficult weather conditions

Since yesterday, efforts to rescue two Israeli tourists trapped in a Greek mountain range continue. The two sent an SOS signal, but still have not been located. One of their fathers stated that “we’re concerned and hope they’ll be found. They said that they’re cold and they don’t have food.”
Greece’s Zagori region Photo Credit: rf123/Channel 2 News

Two 20-year-old Israeli tourists have been trapped on the peak of Astraka in Greece’s Zagori region since yesterday (Monday) while rescue efforts are being conducted under difficult weather conditions. The two hikers lack proper equipment for the weather and have been stranded since yesterday evening without food or water. Throughout the night, there were thunder and hail storms in the area. “The difficult weather in the area makes the rescue challenging,” the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry made clear. “The local firefighting staff set out to the area in coordination with the consul and the Magnus rescue company.”

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry’s consul in Greece is in contact with the two hikers’ families in Israel. The two set out on a hike in the region, but the heavy fog caused them to lose their direction. Yesterday, the families contacted the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Israeli Consulate in Athens, setting into action the Migdal insurance company, which operates with the Magnus rescue company.

Greek rescue and firefighting forces have been attempting to locate the hikers since yesterday, after the two sent an SOS signal via WhatsApp. However, as a result of the demanding weather conditions, a helicopter is yet to be sent to the two Israelis.

“Since yesterday, we’re concerned and hope that they’ll be found,” stated one of the hikers’ fathers. “They said that they’re cold and they don’t have food but, currently, the connection with them has also been severed.”

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