Despite travel warnings: Israelis vacation in Sinai

While the Egyptian Army is fighting ISIS and despite the travel warnings, many Israelis chose to enjoy the beaches of Sinai. “I feel very safe here, a lot safer than how I feel when I’m driving from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv,” said an Israeli vacationing in Egypt.

Air strikes against ISIS in Sinai

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Despite the travel warnings regarding Egypt in general and the Sinai Peninsula in particular, many Israelis chose to spend their holiday vacations there. According to the guards stationed at the Taba Border Crossing, this Jewish High Holidays season was the busiest in years.

Yesterday (Saturday), JOL reported that the Egyptian Army carried out airstrikes against ISIS targets in response to the shooting attack in which 12 soldiers were killed. However, the Israelis who are vacationing just less than 200 kilometers (approximately 124 miles) from there stated that they are not afraid.

“Once you are here, you are entirely here,” said Amir who is vacationing in Sinai. “There are no fears, no scares, there’s nothing. The last time we were here was six years ago. There was then [a lot of] fear and suspicion.”

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Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Danit from Jerusalem said that despite the warnings, she actually feels safer in Sinai than in Israel. “I feel very safe here, a lot safer than how I feel when I’m driving from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv,” she said.

Another Israeli vacationer said that she was scared before she arrived in Sinai: “Of course I was scared. Every person I told was shocked. Fear is as contagious as courage. When I arrived here, I was in shock, real shock. People are nice and kind. I’m not afraid.”

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