4 Israeli trekkers stranded on Kyrgyzstan trek await rescue

Four Israelis on a trek in Kyrgyzstan are stranded at 3,700 meters above sea level after getting caught in a blizzard. A distress signal was received by the Magnus international search and rescue service, who dispatched rescue teams currently in contact with the stranded travelers.
Helicopter over the mountains of Kyrgyzstan | Archive Photo Credit: Magnus/ Channel 2 News

Four Israelis were caught in a blizzard Saturday while on a trek in Kyrgyzstan. The  trekkers were hiking the "Holy-Lake: Kol Mazar" track, known for its challenging terrain, when a snowstorm and heavy fog forced them to stop and send out a distress call.

The Magnus international search and rescue service, in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Phoenix and Harel insurance companies, dispatched a local helicopter with two rescuers who were in constant contact with the trekkers via a satellite device in their possession. Due to the difficult weather conditions, the helicopter was unable to land. The four Israelis are therefore expected to spend the night at their current location, while rescue attempts will resume the following day.

Representatives from Magnus reported that an additional helicopter will be sent at first light, and that they are exploring the possibility of sending in a rescue team on foot.

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