Mexican ambassador to UNESCO fired over Jerusalem vote

Mexican ambassador to UNESCO Andres Roemer was fired from his position following the anti-Israel vote regarding Jerusalem’s Western Wall and his decision to walk out. Watch his interview with Channel 2 News, in which he talks about the uproar and the punishment he received.
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As reported last week by JOL, a UNESCO resolution denying any Jewish connection to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount was passed by the organization’s Executive Committee. Mexican ambassador to UNESCO Andres Roemer, who happens to be Jewish, refused to support the decision even though his country’s UN delegation initially voted in favor of it, leading to him being fired.

The Mexican government clarified that it recognizes the Jewish people’s connection to Jerusalem and withdrew its original vote in order to abstain, yet Roemer opposed the latter. “I am not the ambassador anymore after what happened,” Roemer said in an interview with Channel 2 News. “The situation is a result of ignorance or anti-Semitism combined with anti-Israel policy. There is sometimes a political incorrectness to vote for Israel because of the political situation. But it is like this all over the world.”

“Secondly in regard to anti-Semitism, it is based on a lot of ignorance. I really believe that what we need is a lot of education,” Roemer continued. “Nobody spoke to me from Israel. I took a risk and paid the price even though I know that our government and president are very good friends with Israel.”

Although Mexico requested to withdraw its initial vote and reopen the matter, the Mexican Foreign Affairs office announced that it would be replacing its UNESCO ambassador as he refused to vote according to the country’s official stance.

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