Due to oversight, NBA briefly lists Palestinian territories as 'occupied' on its official website

America's premier basketball league, the NBA, briefly displayed 'Palestinian Territory, Occupied' on its list of countries before noticing and correcting it.
Israeli NBA player Omri Casspi Photo credit: Zhong Zhi

Many Israelis consider the current US administration to be the most pro-Israel ever, but that may not be the case as far as America's premier basketball league, the NBA, is concerned.

The NBA's official website has recently launched the vote for the 2018 All-Star game. When voters complete their selection of players, they are instructed to choose their home country from a list. Aside from Israel, the list also displays the Palestinian Territories, which has the word 'occupied' attached to its name.

The word 'occupation' has long been a symbol of the diversity of views concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, both in Israel and outside of it.

After being addressed on the matter by Israeli Sports Minister Miri Regev, the NBA quickly removed the controversial word.

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