Prime Minister Netanyahu instructed to withhold $2 million from UN

The recent UN Human Rights Council resolutions against Israel led to Netanyahu instructing to withhold 2 million dollars from the UN: “This resolution is part of a discriminatory campaign against Israel.”
Photo Credit: Government Press Office

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed to cut $2 million in Israeli funding for UN institutions. The move was taken after the UN Human Rights Council adopted “hostile proposals” against Israel over the last few days.

This money will be taken out of the approximately $11 million that Israel presently gives to the UN and Israel also plans to determine what this money will be spent on.  “This sum will be used to deepen and expand Israeli projects in the field of international assistance, and will be invested in developing countries that support Israel in international institutions,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated.

Jerusalem stressed that this decision is “part of an Israeli campaign together with its allies and especially the US to correct the abusive discrimination against Israel at the UN and its agencies.”

At the UN Human Rights Council, they recently adopted a resolution calling on countries around the world to avoid having ties with Israeli communities located over the green line. This resolution was adopted alongside a series of other anti-Israel ones recently at the UN Human Rights Council.

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