This week: Israeli Prime Minster and US President will meet in New York

According to US government officials, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama will meet this week in New York. Over the past few days, both leaders have dismissed the criticism regarding the US defense aid package for Israel.
Obama and Netanyahu (archives) Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon (GPO)/Channel 2 News

Netanyahu and Obama will meet on Wednesday, according to US government officials. The US government is expected to release an official statement confirming the scheduled meeting later today (Sunday). The meeting will most likely take place at the hotel where Obama will be staying in New York. Over the past few days, the two leaders have dismissed the criticism regarding the US defense aid package for Israel that was signed last week.

This morning, Netanyahu addressed the criticism voiced by many Israeli officials regarding the defense aid package. “I hear all kinds of background noises and misinformation,” Netanyahu said. “We were never offered more- not even a dollar more.”

The Israeli Prime Minister commented on the amount of money that will be granted by the US to Israel over the period of a decade and attacked those criticizing the agreement. “The saddest thing is that it appears as if they are ungrateful to the Americans,” said Netanyahu. “This is a record deal and we should all be welcoming it and thanking the US.”

Meanwhile, JOL reported earlier today that a senior level US official also commented on the details of the deal and the negotiation process that lasted 3 years. “Israel presented its needs as it perceived them according to different scenarios,” explained the US official. “We asked a lot of questions and tried to arrive at an agreement in light of these needs and our resources. There wasn’t any serious dispute about the major needs but the Israelis presented needs that were greater than our resources.”

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