Netanyahu gives speech in front of the General Assembly: "The UN has become a moral farce"

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu severely attacked the UN and its treatment of Israel: "The UN has become a moral farce."
Netanyahu at the UN Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his annual speech the UN General Assembly this evening (Thursday). For 40 minutes, the Israeli Prime Minister addressed various issues such as the Palestinian problem and the threat from Iran as well as severely criticized the UN for its many resolutions against Israel.

“Year after year I slammed the UN,” he stated at the start of his speech. “The UN deserved every scathing word,” Netanyahu stated. “Israel: 20 resolutions, rest of the world: 3. And what about the joke called the Human Rights Council? More each year against Israel than any other country in the world combined.”

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu entering the General Assembly hall, today Photo Credit: Shahar Azran / Channel 2 News

"For the first time in my lifetime many other states in the region understand that Israel is not their enemy. They recognize that Israel is their ally," he continues. "Our common enemies are Iran and ISIS, our common goals are prosperity and peace. I hope that in the future we will work together openly.”

Netanyahu went on to discuss the relationship between Israel and the US. "Our unbreakable bond with the USA transcends parties and politics," he stated. "It reflects, above all else, the overwhelming support of Israel among the American people, which is at record highs and for which we are grateful.”

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