National Theatre of Norway releases controversial video: “We apologize for our shameful collaboration with Habima”

The National Theatre of Norway published a controversial video in which it apologized for the “shameful collaboration” with the Israeli national theatre Habima and called to boycott Israel due to the occupation. The Israeli Foreign Ministry condemned the video: “It bears semblance to the work of Goebbels.”
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After collaborating with Habima Theatre in 2014, the National Theatre of Norway published a controversial video today (Saturday) in which it declared that it plans on boycotting the national theatre of Israel because it “performs in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

In the video, the Norwegian theatre’s spokeswoman Gjertrud Synge apologizes for the theatre’s collaboration with Habima and calls to free Palestine. “This is a great day for the National Theatre of Norway. It is the day when we publically apologize for our shameful collaboration with Habima,” she states. “We did not know what a powerful role Habima and other Israeli art institutions play in normalizing the Israeli occupation.”

“Just as we were collaborating, Israel executed its horrific bombing of the Gaza Strip,” Synge added, referring to Operation Protective Edge. “The National Theatre of Norway will fully support the Palestinian calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel. Free Palestine and long live the National Theatre of Norway.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry was quick to condemn the video and claimed that it received the official funding of the state. “The video bears semblance to the propaganda made by the sick minds of Goebbels and the Nazi film director Leni Riefenstahl,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated. “The State of Israel demands that the National Theatre of Norway, in the name of which these slanderous statements are presented, to clearly and immediately renounce this video and act in order to remove it from any website or network.”

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