Foreign news agencies closely following Peres’ situation

Foreign news agencies across the globe are following the developments regarding Shimon Peres’ medical condition. Yesterday evening, JOL reported that Israel’s 9th President was admitted to a hospital after he suffered a serious stroke.
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From the moment Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres was admitted last night (Tuesday) to Tel HaShomer Hospital after he suffered a serious stroke, foreign news agencies started covering the story and informing the world regarding his serious medical state. The largest news agencies and websites constantly reported about Peres’ critical medical condition while highlighting his vast accomplishments and the important positions he held in the past.

“We are closely following developments out of Israel,” reported CNN. CBS reported that “there is some deep concern in Israel for former president Shimon Peres.” Fox News elaborated about Peres’ past: “Peres is 93 years old and was President of Israel until two years ago. He also served three terms as the country’s prime minister. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 for a deal with the Palestinians.”

The Associated Press covered the story throughout the night and said that Peres “cultivated an image as the country's elder statesman and became one of its most popular public figures.”

“Over a seven-decade career, he held virtually every senior [level] political office in Israel including three terms as prime minister and stints as foreign and finance minister,” added the Associated Press.

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